What to do if Your Child Shows Early Signs of Ticcing?

If you're concerned about your Child's health then watch this free presentation for parents, recorded by someone who ticced for 20 years (and then healed himself!)

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This is What We'll Cover in This Short 25-minute Presentation about Ticcing for Parents:

  • When should I take action to support my child?

  • Will my child grow out of It?

  • What can I do TODAY to make it easier for them?

  • How should I interact with my child regarding the tic?

  • What treatment options are available (if it gets to that)?

  • Are they in pain?

  • What does it feel like to have a tic?

  • And finally, how did *I* Heal MY Tic (of 20 years)


If you're worried about your child then this is a GREAT starting point in order to support them!

Who's this Free Training for?

Parents of Children who are showing signs of a Motor Tic and/or Vocal Tic (or possibly Tourettes.) This training is for the following tics: eyes, nose, forehead, neck, jaw, shoulder, arm, wrists and similar.

If you have a child who is ticcing and is aged 7-15 then this could be the most important message you’re going to hear, from someone who’s ticked for 20 years (and healed himself)

Hi! I'm Dazz. I Stopped my Tics. I now help adults, teens and children stop their tics, too. 

Having had a Chronic Ticcing Condition for 20 years (and healed myself) I have a wealth of personal experience and practical tools that support adults and children who have a Chronic Tic. 

Watch The Training Video, Today

If you're concerned with your child's health, this is absolutely the best place to start - because I've been there.

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