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Are you an Adult with Tics or a Parent of a Child with Tics?

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Learn How to Stop Tics

If you're an adult dealing with tics:

It can be extremely frustrating, embarrassing and painful. The lack of control can feel overwhelming, too. Especially the constant effort to hide them - which is exhausting.


If you're a parent watching your child struggle with tics:

The sense of helplessness intensifies. You worry about their future—how will they navigate school? What will others say? The fear of judgement, isolation and concern for their wellbeing can be heart-wrenching.


But, there is hope.

Hi, I'm Darren!

I stopped my tics and I’ve guided thousands (all ages) through profound transformations towards a healthier, happier, and tic-free life.

I Ticced 1000’s of times everyday for 20 years.

I’ve been tic free for 5 years.

After I committed to stopping this condition, I researched and experimented with over 50 healing modalities for my tic. Some helped, some didn’t.

At Motor Tic Mastery I share a curated range of proven tools and practices that work, with an easy to follow-along step by step process that will help you Manage, Calm & Stop Chronic Motor and Vocal Tics, wherever they are in the body, whatever the age.


Stop Tics for Adults Training:

In this free training for ‘Adults with tics’ you will discover

2 quick techniques to reduce your tics in minutes.
✅ My 5 secrets to stopping tics.
A pioneering new method for completely stopping tics in adulthood.


Stop Tics for Parents/Kids Training:

In this free training for ‘Parents of kids who tic’ (ages 6-15) I’ll answer a range of questions such as;

✅ When should I take action?
Will my child grow out of it?
✅ Should I talk to them about it?
Are they in pain?
What can I do today, to help them?
What treatment plans are available?
✅ How can I help them stop ticcing? 


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"It’s remarkable to see the change in him"

My son (14) has transformed because of his work with Darren. After his first cycle of sessions he no longer tics like he did before, instead he pauses, breathes, and works to be present in his body. It’s remarkable to see the change in him. He has learned to relax his body. I’ll be forever grateful to Darren.

- Alex D.


"Free From The Shackles"

I cannot thank you enough for presenting the information in the way that you did, by being authentic and yourself, speaking from the heart. The changes I am experiencing are just amazing. I feel like I now have control back of my life, I know that I am free of the shackles that have burdened my mind and body for 30 years.

- Matt P.


"Doctors don't really understand tics"

My experience is that Doctors don't really understand tics - that's what makes this different. Darren gets it!

- Jonathan K.


Discover Your Treatment Options for Motor Tic Disorders:

  • This is the ONLY training we've found online that's been CREATED by someone who has healed the condition.
  • The types of tics we will tackle in this free training usually appear in the following areas of the body; eyes, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, jaw, nose, forehead (or a combination.)

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