How to Manage, Calm & Stop Chronic Tics, Twitches (and Tourettes)

"I ticced thousands of times a day for 20 years until I learned these techniques to heal the condition. The Tics are now gone!"Ā 

Hosted by Darren J Smith

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In this Video Training You Will Learn:

2 Quick Techniques To Reduce Your Tics In Minutes

The training is interactive, and I'll show you how to cultivate a feeling of calm in your body to reduce the ticcing.

5 Secrets That Will Help You Stop Tics

This practical advice helps you reprogram the unconscious mind so that you relate to your tic in a new way, and begin to build new neural pathways to stop the tic.

A Pioneering NEW Method For Stopping Tics in Adulthood

In MTM Method you'll be introduced to 7 POWERFUL TOOLS I have used to stop my tics, and I'll show you how to get started at home without the embarrassment of seeing an expensive specialist.

Who's this Free Training for?

Adults or Teens with a Motor Tic and/or Vocal Tic (or Tourettes) and who have been Ticcing for many months or years. This training is for the following tics: eyes, nose, forehead, neck, jaw, shoulder, arm, wrists etc.

(Alternatively, if you're a parent seeking support for your child [aged 7-15] then check this out, 'What to do if your child shows early signs of ticcing'.)

Hello - I'm Darren. I Stopped my Tics. I now coach othersĀ to stop theirs.

I'veĀ triedĀ over 50 healing techniques for my tic, and I now share a curated range of tools and practices that helpĀ othersĀ Manage, Calm & StopĀ a Chronic Motor or Vocal Tic, wherever it is inĀ the body.

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If you're ready to stop your tic, this free training is the best place to start.

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