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I had the Chronic Complex Motor Tic Condition (Tourettes) for 20+ years. I'm now healed. 

In this free eBook you're about to read you're going to learn:

  • The most POWERFUL healing methods I used to STOP THE TICS.
  • My 3 mind shifting SECRETS to Stopping Tics.
  • What to do to STOP the EMBARRASSMENT, TIREDNESS, CHRONIC PAIN and POWERLESSNESS that comes from having Tics or Tourettes. 
  • A a clear PATH towards living a Tic Free Life, with Freedom and Confidence!

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I'm Dazz! I had a Motor Tic and Twitch for 20 years until I said NO MORE!

I've spent the last few years learning the latest pioneering science AND practicing ancient wisdom in order to heal. 

My free eBook is the best place to start. I also offer scientifically backed CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Coaching and an Online Course to help you Stop the Tic. All is revealed in the eBook. Let's get you going!

I know what it's like to have a Tic, so I put everything I learned in an eBook to help you.

  • I've healed this condition NATURALLY, without drugs (I even studied a MSc with my obsession!) 
  • The Doctor's couldn't help me, so I had to figure it out by myself - I'm now telling my story.
  • This is the only ONLINE GUIDE I've found for Adults who have Tics, Tourettes or a Nervous Twitch!

  • There isn't much help and support online for this condition. It was an unsolved riddle... until now!!

Get the "Stop Motor Tics - Mastering Your Inner Demons" eBook for free, today! 

Learn how I MASTERED MY TICS and how you can, too.


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