Calm your Tic with this guided meditation. FREE yourself from this condition.

This Mindfulness Meditation is specifically designed to tune into your tic and rewire the neural clusters associated with the unconscious aspects of your bodily movements.

I've used similar techniques to this over the last few years to STOP my Motor Tic and Nervous twitch, naturally. 

Free Guided Motor Tic Healing Meditation

This 20 minute session quietens the mind, brings awareness back to the body and rewires the brain.

Mindfulness Meditation is a scientifically backed method to decrease stress and anxiety, which is strongly correlated with the Motor Tic. 

Those of us with a Tic, Twitch or Tourettes are hyper sensitive to stressful triggers in our environment, and it plays out through our body or voice. 

A regular meditation practice has been at the heart of my healing journey for many years, so I wanted to share it with you. 

I'm 99% healed from my Chronic Motor Tic because of regular practices like this. In this meditation I show you exactly how I bring myself into a place of peace in my body, and connect with my tic at a deeper level. 


I had a Motor Tic and Twitch for 20 years until I said enough was enough! 

I've spent the last few years learning the latest pioneering science AND practicing ancient wisdom in order to heal. 

I now offer an online course and 1 on 1 coaching program grounded in Embodiment, Breathwork, Intimacy and Mindfulness to help hundreds of others STOP THEIR TIC.

You can stop yours, too.

Get the Motor Tic Healing Guided Meditation for free

Quieten the mind and body and free yourself from the Tic. It's possible. I did it. 


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