About Darren

A Mental Health Coach, Awakening Guide, Energy Worker, Product Designer, Entrepreneur, DJ, Digital Nomad and Psychonaut. 

From Tics to Transformation, this is (a brief version) of my story.

In a previous life (before I started coaching people how to transform their lives) I used to be a UX & Product Designer for Startups in London.

Throughout my twenties I lived in the hustle and bustle of city life; with the fast-paced intensity, drinking culture and fat paychecks.

In my early thirties I was inspired to become Digital Nomad so that I could travel and work abroad - I had had enough of London!

I found a company when I left the UK, Pillow - a #SexTech startup inspiring couples to connect deeper in their relationship.

I was always fascinated with Psychology, Neuroscience and Behavioural Science (I studied a MSc in one of the UK's most prestigious universities, UCL), but the disciplines never seemed to teach me enough to fix my own issues... of mind, and of tic. 

It wasn't until I found myself in burnout working hard on the last business that I knew something wrong. This was my wake-up. I let my mental health (and my body) get so bad that I had no choice but to heal. 

Blessed I was, guided to a beautiful and tranquil remote island in Thailand renowned for its Yoga, Meditation and Tantra schools - Koh Phangan.

I spent many years breaking free from my western mindset of materialism, intellectualism and striving.

I trained in, practised and learned dozens of healing modalities; from TRE to multiple styles of Yoga, from Meditation to Breathwork (from a 70yr old Yogi), from Acupuncture to Hypnosis, and even explored CBD, Reiki, Supplements and Dietary changes.

In all honesty, this list can go on (and on). I tried EVERYTHING in order to get to the root cause of my condition. 

Ultimately, it took me on a 'soul journey'.

It was no longer about just the body. It was about being a better version of my self; mind, body, and soul. We may call this process, an awakening.

For the first time, I found myself exploring eastern mysticism, energy healing and realisation of self. There are alternative ways to 'experience life' (I have many such stories in my personal blog).

My western mindset had me convinced that pushing, striving, thinking, building, analysing, memorising, planning (and all the other MIND STUFF) was how to live life.

I now realised there was another way.

I learned how to get OUT OF MY MIND and INTO MY BODY.

In doing so, the tics began melting away because I learned to be 'with' the body and not 'stuck' in my mind.

This isn't a fantastical approach. It's a tale older than time - a journey from the head to the heart. From the mind to the body. I now guide others through this process.

There are specific tools I teach in the MTM Method adults program that help you achieve what I did (but faster, because I didn't have a mentor or guide who had been thru tics.)

These days, I'm still nomadic. I'm supporting adults who Tic and Parents of children who Tic

I spend my time practising Yoga, DJing, Learning Guitar and eating good food with friends. I have so many dreams for the future but I really don't know where I'll be taken next. Baby steps, they say. It's the tortoise who wins the race. 

If you feel to reach out to have a session or to join one of my programs then please do!

I have so much to share in the form of tools, techniques, stories, and perspectives that have (and continue to) change lives. I also share freely on my YouTube channel.

To me, I'm trying to live a life of fulfilment - in service and support of those around me.

And given I've been 'through it' with the Tics, I might be the perfect guide for you if you want to move beyond the condition.

Wishing you deep blessings.

- Dazz


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