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Dazz! Remember me? I kicked my tic movement disorder out almost completely. Ah it was such a bad three years since I’ve never had anything like that before.

I was so scared but your videos gave me the thought of being able to conquer it and I became more motivated and back in power of my life that day. Took a while I had to start taking relax aides from the smoke shop and a prescription but it’s finally gone 99.9%. I thank you for the help you introduced me to!

I also Drank a lot of mango juice, lots of ashwanda, Tons of vitamin E, Celery and cinnamon smoothies. Gross. I just kept trying ANYTHING.

Thanks again for help
Michelle L


I have just finished the course and I wanted to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I have had an enormous shift in the past 2 months and I went from ticcing hundreds of times per day to ticcing only a handful of times every few hours. I haven’t stopped ticcing completely but I’m gradually starting to see a way out of this after alot of years.

The main thing that has helped me is the breathing technique and doing body scan meditation and those are the main weapons in my arsenal when the stress of pressure arises. I think the Om meditation is also very powerful, I simply follow along to a YouTube video and I feel like a buzzing sensation after about 20 minutes, it truly is magnificent. Because of my new job it’s hard to fit everything in one day so I tend to leave the yoga for the weekends or when I really need to have a good stretch to release alot of pent-up tension.

If there is one thing I have taken away from the course, it is the art of stillness and feeling inside yourself rather than worrying about everything externally that’s happening, Listening to your whole body rather than just your mind is very powerful, especially when you can label a certain emotion and deal with it better through the practices you’ve taught me. If you are still running classes/zooms I’d be more than happy to jump on a call with you and talk about my experience.

After 2 months, I don’t feel cured but definitely feel a difference, who knows what I’ll be like in 2 years, I’m excited to find out.

All the best,

Hi Dazz, Thanks so much for checking in. This course has been life-changing, and I just want to let you know how much it has helped already. The biggest help has been meditating and the breathing. The 3-4-5 breathing technique has been wonderful for my whole family. The mediation we are doing daily, pretty much without fail. The biggest “aha” has been the focus on the tic as a habit — I feel like any habit can be broken, and that has shifted my perspective daily. It is an empowering statement — and it is the truth!

I have seen so many changes already, thank you — please keep posting and doing what you are doing! I need to go back to the modules on food because I know that is a big component of this and have not focused on that area yet.

Thank you!

I cannot find too true word to tell you, you are a magician! I am both thankful to find you and regret little bit to find you this much late. I am almost not ticcing anymore - this is a miracle! I will keep going on your teachings for deeper relaxation.
Thank you very much, you are a miracle.

I just wanted to write you a quick email having completed the course.

I cannot thank you enough for creating this course and presenting the information in the way that you did, by being authentic and yourself, speaking from the heart,

The changes I am experiencing are just amazing. I feel like I now have control back of my life, I know that I am free of the shackles that have burdened my mind and body for 30 years. I am free to thrive and create the reality that I want for my future, I am talking in front of 100 people in Westminster at a sustainability conference on Wednesday, something I thought I could never do, and I am relishing the opportunity, not afraid of my tic, or how people may view me. I am learning to love myself more, and am relishing this new sense of peace and calm which I can bring into my life now. I resigned myself to being a victim of this condition for life, however you have set me free buddy!

I am so much more present and connected to my body and am experiencing some of the deepest and most profound meditations and interactions with the energy around me. I understand from your last video, that this is a journey and requires dedication and discipline, and am excited about the future growth ahead of me.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am for our interaction and what I have learned from you, however I’m sure you will feel the energy from this email as you read it.

Wishing you all the best on your journey brother,

Hi Dazz,
I am very pleased with what I learned from your course. I have recommended the course to others. I am in mental health myself, and I am highly impressed.
I would love to let you know what I experienced. I started noticing changes to my tics right away. It was like once in a while I would have a forceful fit of tics which made me uncomfortable. When I do tic now it is massive but momentarily. Otherwise, I have noticed a huge reduction. I am no longer bothering myself and dealing with it ongoing like I used to. I think the surge is just my body working out new emotional responses as those have subsided more as well.
Just wanted to share. I am not a perfect follower of the program but do breathing daily and stretching yoga quite often. I have switched to plant based diet and had already cut down on caffeine. Keep up the good work and I will keep up my practices.
Thanks so much for designing your course as a transformation has begun.
Thanks and gratitude-

Hi Dazz
I don’t know where to start. First of all I can safely say my tics have improved so much , I think about 80 to 90% I hardly notice them at all, there’s some every now and then but the intensity of them is very mild. And as you said I am so present with myself and other people my communication skills has improved so dramatically. I now have drastically reduced my medication as well and eventually will be free of it. I’ve also changed to a very healthy diet and exercises and do yoga and meditate regularly. I have a rare severe glaucoma and at the last check up the pressures in my eyes have been at an all time low (fantastic) I just a have a few beers a week and a small piece of chocolate about every second night. I now have a great relationship with my older brother ( hooray). Because of the information you passed on in your course my partner now meditates regularly and is healing some of her issues. In saying this Ive passed on information to two of my friends, who have serious health issues and now believe they will be healed. So you have helped me in more ways than one. Thank you tics and thank you Dazz.
Have a great festive season and looking forward to your next videos. Lots of love to you.

Thank you so much dazz for EVERYTHING!! It’s hard to self discipline but I’ve been trying to do the meditation & yoga consistently!! Your concepts and ideas are great!

Hello Dazz, I have officially cured my tics so thank you for the help.

Hi Dazz
First of all best wishes for Christmas and the new year.
I have completed your course now and I would like to express my gratitude for your honesty and advice. It is an invaluable source of support for people with this awful condition.
I hit a real low point in October. Since then I have tried a number of things including your course and I think I am the best I have been in years. Although I think in the last week Ive probably gone backwards ever so slightly.
I expect feedback on the course is probably worthwhile, so mine is as follows. I find the breathing exercises, meditation and dazzarobics (yoga) to be helpful.
Based upon my experience, going back before the course, I haven’t noticed dietary changes to make any difference.
However, I think happiness (and depression) and hope makes a big difference to the condition. If I could find a way to stay super happy all the time, I think the physical aspects of this condition might remain locked away. Unfortunately for me, keeping depression at bay is one thing, but being genuinely happy is another. My feedback here is that I am surprised your course didn’t directly tackle this issue. Maybe it isn’t a consideration for everyone with this condition. It might be something you want to consider for further additions. I acknowledge that dealing with depression/happiness is a whole new can of worms. Commencing your course provides a lot of hope. However that effect does wear off after a while.
While I think the tic is mostly at bay now, I still have a fair amount of muscle tightness/tension in the jaw/face. Sitting at a computer and looking at a screen all day for work surely doesn’t help. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for this? Although I suspect if there was anything more to add it would already be in the course.
Anyhow, since thanks and admiration to you. I hope you have a terrific Christmas wherever you are right now.
And if you ever come through Sydney, I’d happily show you around.
Best wishes

Hope you are well
Thank you so much I appreciate all the support you’re giving out here for this and I’m very grateful that I came across you and your website
Already I’ve learnt quite a lot in the last live training you did and its helped with my tics to some extent so far and even people around me especially my husband have noticed the difference!
Yes music and even singing helps me a lot in staying present
I have been trying to become more present in my daily activities and keeping in my mind that the tics are a habit and I understand my tics so much more and try not to get so frustrated over it
I will definitely join this training.
Thank you again.

Hey Dazz,
You truly are an Angel from Heaven , I just can’t thank you enough for this course, not only is this healing my condition but it is healing me as a whole person.
Today I saw my tax accountant and he told me he has a good friend who has a 2 year old daughter who has severe Tourettes so I passed on your website to him to pass on to her parents as you would be a lot more knowledgeable than me on this subject especially for a young child. I hope this is ok . We briefly talked about diet .
On the way home from the accountant I felt very emotional with gratitude and empathy.
Thankyou so much,

What the…?!?! So I have done yoga for years maybe 1-2 times per month with girl friends. Not at all what I was expecting. I was super skeptical about how yoga would help. This was the most relaxing set of poses ever! Although, kinda strange seeming at first. I do tend to be tight in upper body a lot (I enjoy pretty decent weight lifting at the gym) and this completely loosened so much. Thanks Dazz! I am seriously getting so much out of this program… already in a place that I would be comfortable with for the rest of my life, but would love to be tic free! In a perfect world we could be mindful all the time, but that is never going to happen. Learning to notice when things are getting tense and taking just a moment to correct & calm before tics get bad is making a world of difference.

Thank you Dazz, your story is inspiring. I love that you were able to overcome such great tics, mine a more minor but still annoying I have been doing the MTM Method, lowering my anxiety manually and have drop taking my medication for tics and have seen a almost complete stop. I have subscribed to your YouTube Chanel but I have no income to pay for the course for now. But I am 100% committed to myself and lowering my anxiety which is the route of my problem. I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge of the subject and wisdom it has changed my life.

Hi Dazz,
Thanks for the welcome note. I have recently signed up for your course, and its been great so far. I particularly liked the part where you asked questions and I had to write about my tics for the first time ever.
Very scary and confronting, but also very liberating..
I have had Chronic Tics and Tourettes for the past 30 years! After watching some of your awesome YouTube videos, you became my salvation! Sorry if that sounds a bit creepy but 30 frikin’ years of torture and hearing someone who you can relate to so deeply was a life saver!
I do have a deep holistic belief, my wife is actually a psychic medium and we both have similar interests, so when I learned about using meditation and consciousness to calm the mind, and heal the body, I have been able to be much more focused and my mind body and soul are well on the way to recovery!
I am a big advocate for your teachings and no, you’re not a Dr or physic, but you have the experience and knowledge to know how to relate to those with this condition. It’s all about believing in something! Especially believing in healing your self!
I would love to talk to you one day, as you have helped me beyond belief! I would gladly be an advocate, or living proof that this condition can be healed using holistic and natural treatment!
Thank you brother!

So all in all, I hope I am on a good way, which I have started years ago and to which your course is adding some valuable new insight and drive. The one good thing about this condition probably is, that we are forced to live our lives the best way we can, because otherwise the tic will very impolitely remind us we are not. Therefore, even though I am struggling with this condition every day of my life, I am deeply grateful and convinced that I am living the best life possible on this earth.

Hello, it’s really good to hear back from you. We have a lot in common with each other.
It was good to find your course. It’s also good to see a real person with tics that is now cured. That helps a lot that you are real and understand the pain and all.
My story….I stuttered as a young child and then started ticcing more and more as I grew older. Tough childhood and abuse and neglect.
I’m now 47.
At 14 it got bad. It made my neck hurt as that was my main tic. Not just jerking, straining my muscles over and over and just keeping them tight.
Fixing the neck pain was my life. Constantly in pain from the tics.
Chasing incorrect diagnoses around the country and then the world looking to help my neck pain and…..the twitching.
About 10 years ago I was an HBO Special I’ve got Tourette’s but Tourette’s doesn’t have me. It woke me up in a sense. I balled my eyes out and realized that since I was a kid that I had Tourette’s.
I did many drugs and counselling to try to help with no lasting help at all.
I just tried to stop. Meditation for about an hour a day for years did nothing to stop or slow down the tics. I thought that I tried it all.
When I bought your course and you said that it was just a HABIT, it was the proper viewpoint to meditate and to operate from. Finally truth.
My tics stopped at least 50% overnight. I can stop habits. I’m a mental and spiritual guru. Piece of cake.
So….I’m using all of the tools including Tic a shake and doing it many times and 3-4-5 practically constantly for the first few days.
I’ve always tried to relax, unsuccessfully. Now I’m finding my tics and doing them and getting the ‘resist’ off of it. Doing the opposite . Listening to my body and what it wants to do and letting it do that. It wants to get rid of the trauma locked up and I’m finally letting it and helping it and then the trauma is going away.
Awareness is key and knowing that it’s a habit is the most important frame of mind to be in.
I’m uncovering deeper thought patterns and movements and habits that I didn’t know that I had. So many silly things in my head that I need to replace with positive peaceful thoughts.
I’m at the beginning of the journey.
One of my main problems is sleep. Despite ticcing all day, it keeps on in my sleep and I sleep 3-5 hours a night, never more than an hour straight. My subconscious mind, despite years of meditation, has not calmed down yet but it will.
That’s a lot for now.
I look forward to more tools.

Hello Dazz,
I’ve just watched you video and I’m really thankful for you for evoking home inside meself. I was about to give up and live with the tic forever, but you changed that for me.

Exactly right. This video resonated with me a whole lot. A recent trip to the phsyologist- “you were born with a pre disposition to this condition” and in the same breath “but I’ve had no experience with this condition” Meanwhile after watching almost all your videos, my subjective consciousness has flipped a switch and told my subconscious mind is it very possible to SELF HEAL using holistic and natural techniques as described in the MTM Method Course that dazz is offering, which by the way is 100% legit and helpful. I had chronic tics for over 30 years and I too have been able to heal and stop my tics by following Dazz’s techniques.

Thank you so much dazz for EVERYTHING! It’s hard to self discipline but I’ve been trying to do the meditation & yoga consistently! Your concepts and ideas are great!

I completed the program a couple of weeks ago and I found it really helpful towards my tics and how vigorous they once were. I will admit keeping up with all the exercises is quite hard but I do make it a priority to bring myself back down with the breathing technique when my tics start to worsen and I also meditate almost every day which I have seen a huge shift in. Sometimes I go back and watch videos just to refreshen my mind and also to stimulate some consistency.
I loved the course, you went into great depth about how to handle tics and properly deal with them. They are not completely gone but I’ve definitely seen a huge shift in the past 3 months or so.

Dear Dazz,

I don’t know if you will read this but hope you do :)

I came across your website last night, and wanted to leave a note of appreciation. The net is full of testimonials and forums on any subject you can imagine, and I was surprised tics were so unspoken. Until I came across your website after a few days of search.

I am 41, female, and have been suffering several tics since my childhood. And a health anxiety, ruining my life every now and then :)

Then, last week I experienced a very awakening guided chakra healing meditation online. This was my first meditation, and surfaced tons of suppressed feelings. The next day, when I was rethinking the experience, going through the emotions that surfaced during meditation, all in a sudden, I realised that I do not fear illnesses but I want / desire them for myself. This information was crystal clear to me at that moment - such an awareness! Despite how harsh this information, it gave me relief, a deep sadness about my relationship to myself but most of all sympathy for myself. I wept all day, not tears of desperation, but tears of joy and compassion. Stopping my tics was not even on my mind, but until that day, I am not ticking. I even don’t have the urge. I am keeping up with my 5 Tibetan Rites - please have a look if you haven’t heard of it, occasional meditations, daily walks and deep breathing.

I am so happy that you have had the same journey. Of course I am so new to it, and don’t know what the future holds for me. But the core is, as you described, tics are the cries of our emotional selfs for attention and when you discover that so many things start to change. I hope I can flow with this new information and relationship with myself.

You came as an inspiration to me at the very beginning of my journey. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the world, and spreading love and inspiration.

Peace & Love,


My tics have stopped and I did not even reach module 2. The way you helped me look at my condition, being a habit; the strong idea sent out to my mind to change that and the idea of stillness coupled to basic knowledge I already had of meditation has worked as magic! Thank you very much Dazz you have been enormous in helping me overcome my Tourette Syndrome that has plagued my life from my 6 years of age to my 48.

- Bruno B.


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