Online Programs for Kids/Teens who Tic (and their Parents)

Level 1 & Level 2 training are outlined below:

'What I Wish my Parent's Knew About My Tic' - Mini Video Program

This is the best place to start if you're concerned for your child (ages 7-15), and they're showing early (or late) signs of Motor to Vocal Tics. This is a short, entry-level program. Level 1 Training.

The Parents Mini Program

Tic Mastery for Kids/Teens (and their Parents) - Zoom Call Program

This is a 6-week training for reducing the intensity & frequency of Tics in Childhood alongside guidance & advice on how parents can improve their mindful & emotional well-being (in support of their child.) This is Level 2 Training.

Tic Mastery for Kids

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Frequently Asked Questions

The $47 mini program for parents is a great place to start. It'll offer a high-level overview, and a handful of practices you can do with your child right away to help calm their nervous system.

For further support and guidance, I offer the level 2 training to go deeper into tools and techniques on Embodiment, Breathwork, Relaxation, Energy Healing, Emotional Awareness and more. 


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