"What I Wish My Parent's Knew About My Tic"

In this Online Video Mini Program for Parents, I share with you essential knowledge to help your child.

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Learn How to Help Your Child, Today

In this short educational course, Dazz helps parents' better support their child (ages 7-15) through a chronic ticcing condition. He helps you understand what they're going through, what to do (and not to do), and introduces you to practices that you can do with your child today in order to reduce, calm and stop the ticcing.

What You Are Getting:

This succinct mini-series of 7 videos will give you the knowledge and tools to support your child to manage, calm and even completely stop the tics (as I have done.)

What you'll get:

  • 5 practices and exercises you can do with your child today, to reduce the tics.
  • How to talk to your child about the tic without causing them embarrassment or shame.
  • How YOUR thoughts and emotions effect your child's tic (and what to do about it.)
  • Foods to avoid (powerful advice having lived with the condition for 20 years.)
  • Screentime and Ticcing. What to do?
  • The Tics and their relationship to Stress, Anxiety, OCD, ADHD etc.
  • Natural Tools to calm your child's Tic at home.
  • The exact steps you can take to ensure your child's tic doesn't become a chronic condition (and stays transient.)
  • Once you're inside, you'll also have my personal contact details to ask any specific questions. I'm here to help you.

This is probably the most important series of messages for any parent who has a child that Tics - I WISH my parent's had this advice when I was young.

See you inside!


"Hi Dazz, I just truly wanted to thank you. My 7 year old son developed an anxiety tic 4 months ago from all the stress of COVID19. Once I completed your online tutorial and put your methods into practice I have had a completely different child on my hands. He's calmed down, he's not so anxious, and his tic has completely gone 😊"

7yr old son

"My son (14) has transformed because of his work with Dazz. After his first cycle of sessions he no longer tics like he did before, instead he pauses, breathes, and works to be present in his body. It’s remarkable to see the change in him. He has learned to relax his body. I’ll be forever grateful to Dazz."

Alex D.
14yr old son

"Dazz this is probably the most generous & heartfelt, sensible ‘course’ I have ever seen! It is so clearly from heart & soul & I love it!!! It is helpful for every human! So grateful for what you’ve done here."

10yr old daughter

What I wish My Parent's Knew About My Tic


One Off Fee

5 Practices/Exercises to do at home with your child

What to say/not to say

Foods to Avoid & Advice on Computer Gaming

How Your Actions (or in action) can Make a BIG Difference

And More!


"I had the tics for 20 years because I didn't get the support I needed to 'catch it' when it started in my childhood."


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