CBT Program for Stopping Tics 1 on 1 (Zoom)

In this 8-week Intensive Healing Program for Stopping Tics in Adulthood, we will work together to shift your mindset (CBT) and reconnect you with your body (Embodiment) in order to significantly reduce the intensity and frequency of Motor Tics.

Learn how to stop these Tics & Twitches over the next 8 weeks, whereever you are in the world.

Tailored to your specific tic, you’ll embody the potent tools and techniques needed to let go of this chronic condition and you’ll feel fully empowered to take back control over your body.

What Will Happen in the Program?

Sessions offer an intuitive transmission of CBT (talk therapy + reshaping the mindset associated with your tic), Mindfulness Practice, Embodiment Practice, Energy Healing/attunement and relaxation of the nervous system.

You will learn and practice:

  1. How to Interrupt the Movement of the Tic. So that the deeply engrained unconscious movements learn new pathways of expression.
  2. Deeper Mindfulness & Presence of Your Body - practice with me in guided meditation to learn how to calm the mind (thus calm the body.) This has so many benefits beyond the tic. 
  3. Awareness and Regulation of your Emotional Body (and how to deal with the stress and anxiety of Ticcing) - You will better see how deeply intertwined different emotions are to the ticcing.
  4. Self soothing of your nervous system thru Breathwork. You'll learn a variety of scientifically backed yogic breathing techniques.
  5. Question & Answers - you’ll be able to ask me your burning and unique personal questions and get direction on how to better look after your mental+emotional health so the tic reduces in frequency and intensity.

There comes a time when you will say, "No more of this!" Is it now?

It's a highly rewarding experience learning from someone who's 'been through it'. Working with me 1 on 1 is the best way to get 'inside my head' and to really know how you can heal from Motor Tics.

Working with me like this offers...

  • Mirroring and pretty direct feedback to better 'see' your behaviours. If we stay in ignorance and push down/ignore parts of our patterning how can we move beyond it? Radical honesty and openness is needed for growth and healing. 
  • Guidance & Advice on how to manage, deal with and let go of the emotions that come up in association with the Tic (shame, fear, anger, embarrassment etc.)
  • A collection of new tools and techniques to weave into your life moving forward. These techniques include (and expand) upon the MTM Method.
  • Relatable stories that will support the integration of this method of healing tics such as; how to deal with the awkward looks from others, managing stress, letting go of our embarrassment, releasing social anxiety, over-thinking, fear of lack of control, suppression of emotions, the chronic pain and more..
  • Potent Energy healing that supports the process of uncovering and moving strongly held beliefs and patterns that have kept the body in a tight loop of movements (don't knock it until you try it.)
  • Accountability and authenticity partner. Motivation to succeed! This kind of work is much easier with a guide. 
  • Support and encouragement as we craft and execute weekly homework between sessions.

How will we work together?

The intention is to go deep into your unconscious behaviours and patterns, whilst infusing into your system the presence, spaciousness and relaxation it needs to allow the tic to melt away. In working together, you will have direct access to an experienced individual who knows what's like to live WITH and WITHOUT ticcing. It's a unique vantage point, and highly beneficial for your healing.

Over these 8 weeks, we utilise a range of tools from the disciplines of Embodiment, Breathwork, Mindfulness and Intimacy to better relate to, see, relax into, and become aware of how/what/where these Tics move thru your body. We cultivate this presence and awareness of your body together with practice during our sessions and assigned homework.

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There are limited spots available for my 1 on 1 zoom call program.

MTM Method 1 on 1 Zoom Call Program

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Transformational Coaching Tailored to Stopping Tics.

Get started as early as next week, via zoom, to heal, let go, dismantle and significantly reduce your Tics. 

This is a deep reprogramming of the mind + body to transform the neural pathways connected to the addictive urges and subsequent movements.


About your Guide

I'm Darren. I lived with a chronic tic for 20 years. It caused me an immense amount of pain, stress, anxiety and embarrassment for too long.

After making a clear decision - 'NO MORE!' - I embarked on a journey of learning how to heal myself in a way that most Dr's still don't teach, today. Many Dr's offer a short term band-aid with medicine (that rarely work), instead of comprehensive healing.

I'm now tic free, and over 1000 adults have been through my trainings.


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