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Here are a few of the messages I've received over the years.

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My son (14) has transformed because of his work with Dazz. After his first cycle of sessions he no longer tics like he did before, instead he pauses, breathes, and works to be present in his body. It’s remarkable to see the change in him. He has learned to relax his body. I’ll be forever grateful to Dazz.

- Alex D.

Thanks Dazz - we’ve mindfully reduced screen time with success. But the most significant improvement came from doing the release and breathing. He does it each time he notices a tic but in a more subtle way - a sigh and a shrug. No more tics!! It feels like a miracle. Thank you…. Our little boy is no longer crying from the pain in his neck from his tic. Thank you so much..

Best wishes,

A great approach to helping my daughter use breathing techniques. She finds the breathing techniques have been extremely effective in calming her panic attacks and tics. I was so amazed to see the results it’s hand. I literally watched my 12 year old daughters tics go from 0-60 in seconds and I said, try your breathing exercises and see if they help calm things down, and it had such an amazing effect, I could see her body relax in seconds before my eyes, it was like a miracle taking place after witnessing all her suffering for the past 12 months, just wish we had realised this sooner. It’s so helpful. I can’t believe that such a simple thing can bring so much relief to both my daughter and myself. Thank you 🙏

Hi Dazz, I started doing these exercises with my 13 year old son who suffers with tics for years now, the more he worries the worse he gets but I’ve seen a huge difference in him in the last few days since we started the exercises and I am delighted. I'm hoping it will keep going good.. thank you so much..

Good morning,
So I would like to share my testimony below.

My [8 year old] son had an onset vocal tics 6 months ago that waxes and wanes. He then had an onset in early December, of intense and frequent head jerking to the point of causing headaches, hence impacting his learning and attendance at school, playing on his basketball league, and work for mom and dad. We were leaning on Tylenol for the headaches and not dealing with some of the triggers or route causes.

Between the paediatrician and the neurologist, they shared he has complex transient tics. The typical recommendations were cognitive behavioural replacement therapy and medication used for ADHD. Being a parent in the field of public education, I have observed the impact this medication can have on children. I also tend to take more holistic approaches as much as possible, so we decided not to go the medicated route.

As we were much prayer asking God to guide us in helping to heal our son, we eventually found your online parent and kids program. My husband and I said, “we have nothing to lose in trying some holistic measures and it can’t hurt”. (In comparison to meds.)

So we dove right in during our winter/school break. We informed my son of the dietary changes we were going to make as a family so that he didn’t feel alone, removing refined sugars first, then gluten. This has been a game changer. We then introduced the breathing techniques which we began as a family and now he’s doing them on his own, specifically in the morning, after a short time/30 minutes of screen time and anytime he’s doing high intensity exercise like basketball. Yesterday during his game, he had a few tics, took a few sit down breaks, did his breathing to calm his mind and body and got right back in the game! No headaches! As a matter of fact he’s had no headaches in over 3 weeks due to the dramatic decrease in his motor tics. His vocal tic of clearing the throat and sniffling have also decreased dramatically.

After being able to observe our son for 3 weeks and collect some data on his triggers, we know that screen-time, feeling rushed, anxious, nervous or excited can be some of them. However, the breathing exercises have played a big part in calming the mind and body. We also know that if our son intakes anything with caffeine, refined sugars or gluten there is a direct correlation with the increase of tics.

Finally, I want to say that I’m incredibly grateful for your program and sharing your personal experiences with tics and healing. Part of my son’s buy-in to try some of these techniques has been that we “knows a guy who has healed his tics using these methods.”

There are no quick fixes and things are not always perfect, however to see changes, we have to be consistent and do the work. It’s been worth the work and we will continue to follow any holistic strategies that benefit my son’s health.

Thank you Dazz from the bottom of our hearts!

Love your advice! It’s so helpful! My daughter just recently began having anxiety induced tics. I lightly touched her arm in a caring way and said honey are you ok? What are you thinking about right now? She shared going back to school which created social anxiety for her. And slowly hoping to allow her to talk about her fear and also caring to hear and soothe her. I love how your experience and thoughtfulness to share has brought so much peace to me as a parent already. (I have more
Videos to watch yet). I really didn’t want to have to go to pharmaceuticals for my daughter and this has shown me that we will not have too! Thank you!

Hi Dazz,
This is wonderful! Your methods have really helped both of my sons. My one son has had a variety of tics through the years (he is 8, turning 9 next month), and your program has helped him so much via the activities I have learned. I will tell you what has helped him most:
Meditation, 3-4-5 breathing, cutting back on carbs, staying active — the more time exercising and being outside the better, minimizing screen time and talking through things when he feels stressed, but not really talking about the tic specifically — just how he is feeling.
I am so excited that you are taking this on because you have already been a big help to our family and know you can help others!

Thank you Darren for your feedback. Actually my son and I have been continuing the exercise you taught us (10 minutes every day), along with a supplement from Isotonix: “activated b-complex”. So far, his Tic’s have been largely controlled — almost have no head shaking, no arm twisting, but still light vocal Tic from breathing. We are very happy with the result. Thank you very much for your videos. I will keep you updated with my son’s progress in the future. Also I encourage you to continue sharing your experience with thousands of more patients who like me will appreciate what you offer.
Keep in touch.

Hi Dazz, Thanks so much for your reply. Joshua is doing pretty well thanks he still has his ticks but they have calmed down a lot . We have done all the exercises you suggesting it has become his normal routine at night time and over time I can see a huge difference. He has also started seeing a psychologist which has a holistic approach and also has done some hypnosis on him. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge on this through your course as there is not a lot of help out there.

“When I was watching the video with my mom I was soooooo relaxed, I could fall asleep! Every time day I listen to the meditation or your voice I get relaxed and I fall asleep then when I wake up I don’t tick! then I feel happy for the rest of the day!!!” - From Iyla

Hello I am a new parent to your program and have been watching your welcome aboard video. I am truly impressed with your genuine and honest experience, which is so relatable on many levels, for myself and my 12 year old daughter. You have inspired us and given us hope, that one day my daughter may overcome her physical and vocal tics. She has varying degrees of severity and duration and at their worst, they have lasted up to 15 solid hours. She’s in chronic pain with her episodes and suffers headaches, dizziness and tiredness with them. She told me that she becomes so exhausted sometimes, that even the tics run out of steam. When I stumbled across your website and you spoke about breathing exercises, we tried some of our own because I hadn’t at that time signed up for your course, and she has found that information extremely helpful, and has dramatically helped calm her tics down. With such a dramatic affect on calming the tics, we were both extremely enthusiastic to find out more about your techniques and experience. Thank you so much for providing such a sensitive and personal experience with is so down to earth and relatable to both of us. I can’t wait to continue on this healing journey, you’re amazing. 😃

Hi Dazz,
My 8 year old son is a very shy, extremely sensitive and introverted little boy - very similar to how you describe how you were! You have put a lot into perspective for me and his dad already. We now understand how difficult and overwhelming it is for a sensitive, introverted little boy like him to deal with the world and his reality - far out it is hard enough for us adults at times!!
It seems that him holding it all in and trying to cope is making him tic - it is a release to him. Thank you for helping us to make sense of this. I look forward to learning from the rest of your videos.

My 9yo son has had varying tics off but more so on for the last few years. We have just started doing the stomach breathing and letting go exercises and even with just these two we have noticed small changes. I am truely excited to continue to do these with both my son and husband and daughter. They feel like great skills for everyone! Thank you. I will let you know how we go. And YES as you probably already know us mums are stress heads and don’t always vent in healthy ways. So I’m a work in progress too.

Dazz this is probably the most generous & heartfelt, sensible ‘course’ I have ever seen! It is so clearly from heart & soul & I love it!!! It is helpful for every human! So grateful for what you’ve done here :)

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