Tic Mastery for Kids (and their Parents)

A precise & applicable training for Parents, including follow-along videos for your Child. 

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An Essential Introduction to Mindful Mastery & Emotional Wellness for Kids & Parents alike

INSPIRE your CHILD by WALKING THE TALK, so that you can guide them out of this condition.

Walking The Talk means improving YOUR mindful & emotional wellbeing, as a parent.

To improve the wellbeing of a child with Tics, we must tend to their primary environment.  

I'm not refering to their physical environment, but their emotional and mental environment.

That's you, their parent!

And, although you may not have tics as a parent, the way in which you relate to your emotions, are connected (or not) to your own body, and how you 'think' DIRECTLY effects them.

In this unique program you will...

  • Receive follow-along video practices for you and your child, to Stop Tics.
  • Become confident in your ability to deeply and lovingly support a child who Tics.
  • Discover pioneering emotional wellness tools & techniques so that you're 100% supportive towards your childs Tic. 
  • Learn the Language of the Body (it's a different language to that of the mind.)
  • Learn how to honour and recognise YOUR OWN boundaries, as a parent (in turn, limiting any spill over of emotions onto your child.) 
  • Learn from a Certified CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Practitioner who lived with Tics. 

"Mindful & Emotional Wellness is no longer an option. Itโ€™s essential in the world we live."

A must read...

Tics are symptomatic of a child living for too long in an environment that hasn't supported their highly-sensitive nervous system to rest, relax & recharge.

This is not to point blame at parents.

It’s to highlight that we live in a society where our mindful and emotional well-being hasn't been nurtured or prioritised.

Who taught us how to navigate emotions, feelings and sensations in the body?

I think you’ll agree that the world we live in today is brewing at its seam with heightened levels of stress, anxiety and fear.

With this comes a global mental health crisis with varying disorders, symptoms and issues. Tics being but one of them.

Improving the well-being of our ‘inner world’ is more important than ever, and with luck, your child is showing clear symptoms things are not OK.

You’re ahead of the game - in order to do something about it.

Well-being isn’t about waiting until it’s ‘too late’ to fix. It’s about taking proactive action to ensure your ‘little me’ has everything they need in their arsenal to live a prosperous, fulfilling and healthy life.

Mindful & emotional wellness is no longer an option - it’s essential in the world we live.



Suppose you’ve been thru the mini-program for parents?

In that case, this level 2 program is the perfect next step to deepen your relationship to mind, body and emotions as a family, so that your son or daughter feels supported and held, in order to release these Tics.

During this pre-recorded video program (viewable at your own pace) you’re going to learn how to relax the body deeper, move thru emotions, and calm the mind with a unique teacher in mindful mastery and emotional release.

Kids who tic are highly gifted, and very sensitive souls. Their bodies are talking to them, and they need to learn the language of their body in order to orient themselves in the world.

As a parent, you have an opportunity to tend to the soil of the environment that your child grows up in - that is YOUR mental health and emotional well-being.

That’s why in this precise & applicable program there are specific videos for YOU as a parent AND videos for your child.

In this way, your child gets to learn, relate and discover a new language for their own body thru the techniques, tools and transmissions they'll follow-along to and you get to learn how to improve your inner mindset to better nourish the soil that your child grows up within.

This dual approach ensures the plant is watered, and the soil is full of nutrients. This is the most powerful way to support your child out of the situation.

This program is the accumulation of working with hundreds of adults, parents and children who tic over a 4+ year period and having personally lived with (and healed from) a chronic motor tic condition of 20 years.

It’s a deeply unique program and comes from my heart.

I'm excited for you to get started.

- Dazz

Support Your Child, Today

For children (ages 7-16) with a chronic ticcing condition (Motor or Vocal)

What You Are Getting:

  • As a parent, learn how to be a beacon of authentic, calm and inspiring mindful and emotional wellbeing so that your child is confident, happy and free
  • 8 hours of insightful, practical and powerful advice for all the family on;
    • Relaxation for Tics
    • Embodiment for Tics
    • Emotional Awareness for Tics
    • Calming of the Mind for Tics.
  • A fun & playful way for your child to learn the language of their own body. 
  • Learn how to regulate (and let go) of your own emotions as a parent (worry, anxiety, fear) when watching your child tic.
  • Learn how to be supportive of the condition, without controlling.
  • Follow-along practices and tools so that the tics melt away from your child.
  • Guidance on how to weave these tools into day to day life. 
  • Untangle deeply enmeshed emotions between you and your child, which offers a path to freedom and sovereignty for both of you (this especially supports mothers.)
  • The program is taught by someone who has been 'through it', and so offers a level of authority and relatable experience that encourages children to listen & learn closely.
  • Watch at your own pace, in your own time. 

"She finds the breathing techniques have been extremely effective in calming her panic attacks and tics. I was so amazed to see the results 1st hand. I literally watched my 12-year-old daughter's tics go from 0-60 in seconds and I said, try your breathing exercises and see if they help calm things down, and it had such an amazing effect, I could see her body relax in seconds before my eyes, it was like a miracle taking place after witnessing all her suffering for the past 12 months, just wish we had realised this sooner. Itโ€™s so helpful. I canโ€™t believe that such a simple thing can bring so much relief to both my daughter and myself."

12yr old daughter

"Hi Dazz, I just truly wanted to thank you. My 7-year-old son developed an anxiety tic 4 months ago from all the stress of COVID19. Once I completed your online tutorial and put your methods into practice I have had a completely different child on my hands. He's totally calmed down, not so anxious and his tic totally calmed down and now completely gone ๐Ÿ˜Š [his] tic got that bad it was affecting school, his sleep and stressing him even more. We still do all your exercises every single night before bed and will continue to do so. Thank you so much for all your help. You truly did help my son and really taught hubby and I how to help our little boy. Thanks again. Keep up your amazing work. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š"

7yr old son

"Love your advice! Itโ€™s so helpful! My daughter just recently began having anxiety-induced tics. I lightly touched her arm in a caring way and said honey are you ok? What are you thinking about right now? She shared that going back to school was creating social anxiety for her. And slowly hoping to allow her to talk about her fear and also caring to hear and soothe her. I love how your experience and thoughtfulness to share have brought so much peace to me as a parent already. I really didnโ€™t want to have to go to pharmaceuticals for my daughter and this has shown me that we won't have too! Thank you!"

9yr old daughter

"This message helped me so much. After many years of dealing with this 'ticcing stuff', my son is now 11 years old. You helped me see that I must approach this thing with softness and love and not with fear and worry. Thank you! "

11yr old son

Program Contents

Unit 1

Introductory Video Series; Essential reframing on Mind+Emotions for all Parents (and how/why this is so important for tics)

  • The 3 bodies; Physical, Emotional & Mental.
  • What are Emotions, really?
  • What is a Tic; 3 perspectives
    • Energy Moving
    • Stuck Trauma
    • Addiction
    • Control
  • Introduction to Vegal Nerve Theory (and how these calms the ANS.)
  • The emotional roller coaster (and how your emotions influence your child.)


Unit 2

Fun & Playful follow-along videos that melt away Tics in Kids (nervous system relaxation tools, incl. reframing suggestions on how to relate to their own body.)

  • Introduction to Practice/s.
  • When/Why/How these tools work.
  • Essential Breathwork
    • Stomach vs Chest
    • Nose vs Mouth
    • Attention & Awareness 
  • Tic Shape Technique.
  • Bubble Lips for Relaxation.
  • Tic Dissolve; Visualisation to Wash away.
  • Lazy Cat Technique.
  • Embodiment for Kids; increase awareness between ‘being in the mind’, and ‘being in the body’.
  • Mind check, Body Check, Emotion Check.
  • A simple check-in tool to ask what’s going on ‘inside your head’ OR what’s going on’ inside your body’?
  • The ‘Straw Chill’ Practice.
  • Body Tap.
  • Gravity Sensing for Grounding and calming our minds.
  • Intermediate Breathwork
    • Box breathing
    • Circular Breathing
  • Feather & Statue Embodiment Practice.
  • Body Mapping; Improve your capacity to be aware of all parts of you (not just a thinking mind.)
  • Body Speak Guided Practice.
  • Refresher on Level 1 tools; Breath, Letting Go, Tense & Release, and Shake & Tree.
  • and more...


Unit 3

Mindful & Emotional Mastery for Parents (specific videos on common problems found in parenting a child who tics)

  • Principles of Communication with a Highly Sensitive Child.
  • What should you do if your child doesn’t want to do the exercises?
  • Stop thinking in terms of Tics, and in terms of emotions.
  • A simple formula that will help you STOP WORRYING about your child (and why it’s SO important to stop worrying about them.)
  • Emotional Boundaries; where do you end and they start?
  • Well-being Habits for Parents.
  • Communing with your inner child.
  • As a Parent, finding acceptance in the Tic.
  • Perfectionism & the need to control.
  • A simple tool for noticing your own stress levels.
  • Letting Go; why? How?
  • Your child is your greatest teacher.
  • Honopnopno forgiveness prayer (for giving your self some space and relief for doing the best you can.)
  • and more…

About Your Teacher

Dazz's playful approach to Stopping Tics supports a reorientation in how his clients relate to their own body.

His personal knowledge, experience and insight of the condition is unmatched and invaluable to kids and adults alike who are going thru something similar. 

As a Certified CBT Practitioner and Mental Health Coach he's been 'through it' and come out the other side. 

Dazz's pioneering techniques (grounded in established applied psychology) support deep transformation for you and your child to blossom. 

Before You Get Started

Unlimited Access to the videos. Watch at your own pace.

Tic Mastery for Kids (and their Parents)



Video Course

 12 hrs of pre-recorded video on; Relaxation, Embodiment, Emotional Awareness & Calming of the Mind for all the Family.

 Teaches your child 'the language of their body’.

→ More than a dozen unique practices & exercises taught by an experienced CBT practitioner who healed his own tics of 20 years.

→ Invaluable insights for parent/s and children with the goal of releasing the tic.

An Essential Introduction to Mindful & Emotional Wellness for Parents & Kids alike.


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