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I stopped my tics using natural and holistic methods of healing and I now help people like you, to do the same!

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I offer 2 Flagship Online Programs.

One Program is for Adults/Teens. The other is for Parents' of Children Who Tic.

MTM Method Online Video Program to Stop Tics in Adulthood

The 7 tools I teach in the MTM Method have changed my life. You can learn how I went from ticcing thousands of times a day for 20 years, to peace and stillness in my body by joining me in this video program. This program is for adults and teens.

MTM Method Online Program

What I Wish My Parents' Knew About My Tic

This is the perfect mini-program for parents' who'd like guidance in supporting their child through the condition, and who want to learn from someone who's 'been through it'.

Program for Parents'+Child

"I have completed your course now and I would like to express my gratitude for your honesty and advice. It is an invaluable source of support for people with this awful condition."

Stephen B
Mastered His Tic

"Dazz, I can not find too true word to tell you, you are a magician! I am both thankful to find you and regret a little bit to find you this late. I am not ticcing anymore - this is miracle! I will keep going on your teachings for deeper relaxation [in the body]. Thank you very much, you are a miracle."

Orçun F.
Mastered His Tic

"This is wonderful! Your methods have really helped both of my sons. My one son has had a variety of tics through the years (he is 8, turning 9 next month), and your program has helped him so much via the activities I have learned."

Colleen G
Helped Her Kids Master Their Tics

Stop Tics - Introducing the 'MTM Method'

My method of stopping tics is rooted in 20 years of personal experience, ancient healing practices from the east, and the latest pioneering science. I introduce you to 7 powerful tools that have changed my life.


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