Sensory Toys to Reduce Tics

Jun 22, 2024

Sensory toys are designed to engage our senses in a soothing manner. They can be touched, squeezed, twisted, or even smelled, depending on the type of toy. For individuals with tics, these toys provide a valuable outlet for excess energy and help to soothe the nervous system, potentially reducing the frequency and severity of tics.

Types of Sensory Toys That Help

Here’s a look at some effective sensory toys and how they can assist in managing tics:

  •  Textured Stress Balls - Squeezing these can provide immediate physical relief and help redirect focus from the urge to tic.
  •  Sensory Rings - Worn on the fingers, these rings can be rolled or spun, providing a discreet way to manage tics in public settings.
  •  Chewable Necklaces - For those with vocal tics or the need to chew, these necklaces offer a safe and satisfying way to engage the jaw and mouth without causing harm.
  •  Weighted Lap Pads - Similar to weighted blankets, these pads provide deep pressure that can be calming and grounding, especially in seated environments like classrooms or offices.

Integrating Sensory Toys into Daily Life

Incorporating sensory toys into your routine can be straightforward and highly beneficial:

  1.  Identify Your Needs - Start by understanding which types of sensory input are most soothing for you. This might require some experimentation with different toys.
  2.  Keep Them Accessible - Have sensory toys available in environments where you frequently experience tics. Keeping a textured ball in your bag or a sensory ring on your finger can provide quick access when needed.
  3.  Use Them Proactively - Don’t wait for a tic episode to use your sensory toy. Regular use throughout the day can help manage stress levels and reduce the likelihood of tic outbreaks.
  4.  Combine with Other Strategies - Sensory toys are most effective when used in combination with other tic management strategies, such as behavioral therapy or relaxation techniques.

A Tool for Empowerment

Sensory toys offer more than just temporary relief; they empower those of us with tics to actively manage our symptoms in a positive, enjoyable way. They also provide a sense of control over our bodies, which can be especially meaningful for those of us who feel overwhelmed by our tics.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of sensory toys, check out our curated selection of toys designed to soothe and engage, helping to minimize the impact of tics. Whether you’re looking for something to squeeze, stretch, or fidget with, there’s likely a sensory toy that can make a difference in your life.

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