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Jan 09, 2020

I had these tics for over 20 years, and it took me 5 years or so to become 99% healed.

I don't expect it to take YOU that long to let go of the condition, especially if you haven't been ticcing for as long as I have... AND because you have a coach & mentor to help you succeed... (me!)

I started Motor Tic Mastery just over a year ago, and over the last year, I've created a system of healing to Stop Tics & Tourettes (it's called the MTM Method) that uses modern mental and emotional healing methodologies grounded in psychology and eastern medicine. 

So- are you ready to stop the tic? slow down the tic? reduce the number of times that you tic? how about calm the tic or get rid of it FOREVER?!

I've created this short training for you to understand the inner workings of your psyche so that you can better get to grip with WHY you're ticcing and how it erupts in your body.  

It'll give you a fresh perspective on this very intimate condition, and help you...

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