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Eli's Garden: Growing Acceptance for Tics

May 29, 2024

I love this short parable on healing tics.

“Once in a quiet village surrounded by gentle hills, there was a boy named Eli who felt a little different. He had a tic, a small, sudden movement that he couldn’t control, which made him feel alone and sometimes sad. Instead of playing outside, Eli often stayed at home.

One sunny day, Eli found an old garden at the edge of his village. It was overgrown and forgotten, but Eli saw something special in it. He decided to clean it up and bring it back to life.

Every morning, Eli worked in the garden. He pulled weeds and planted new seeds. His tic made the work hard sometimes, but he kept going. Slowly, the garden started to change. Flowers bloomed, and the whole place began to look beautiful.

As the garden grew, Eli began to feel different too. He realized the flowers didn’t care about his tic; they grew strong and bright no matter what. Working in the garden helped Eli feel better about himself. He found a peaceful place where he could just be himself.

People in the village noticed the change in the garden and started to visit. They loved the new space Eli had created. Eli began to feel proud and invited his friends to see his work. He talked to them about his challenges and how the garden helped him. His friends understood him better and admired his dedication.

Eli learned a lot from his garden. He discovered that just like his flowers, he could grow and be strong, no matter what. He didn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. The garden was a place where Eli found joy and acceptance, and soon, his friends did too.

Eli’s garden taught everyone a beautiful lesson: when we care for something with love, it can transform us. We all have our unique challenges, but like the flowers, we can all bloom beautifully in our way.”

With Love,

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