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Stopping Tics Naturally - Introducing 1 on 1 Coaching (and my online course)

May 28, 2019

I went from ticcing thousands and thousands of times a day for 20 years to 99% healed in less than a couple of years. 

I experimented with over 50 healing modalities during this period (some did, others didn't work) - but I now have an arsenal of tools and techniques that help you Stop a Chronic Motor Tic, Vocal Tics (or Tourettes) at whatever stage of your healing journey.

I tried all the things, so you don't have to! ;) 

My mission now is to give you the tools to heal yourself. Because you are the one who stops the tic... and not me or another professional (I used to look outside for answers, but ultimately I'm the one who controls my body.)

A tic is so personal to you. It's connected to the very vibratory and emotional nature of your existence, and it is our body that physically reacts to something uncomfortable in the environment - whether it's the people, places, sounds or smells. I've discovered that something is causing us pain at a subtle and sensitive level. Often our egoic thinking mind does not understand this... so we continue to ignore it... and hope the tic will go away by itself (HINT: it doesn't unless you actively do something about it!)

I said enough was enough a few years ago as I couldn't ignore the tics anymore. I got to 'breaking point'.

So, although the Doctors' don't have a cure for us - and there is no pill to take...

...there is a natural way of Stopping your Tic. I know, because I did it.  

It takes some time. Some persistence. And some effort. 

And this is where most people give up. 

But if you're willing to put in the work, I can show you the way. 

Tic's can be healed. I've done it. 

Are you ready to put in the effort? Are you ready to commit to stopping it?

For me, I used to get frustrated with the Tic - I'd then put a little effort into trying to stop it. I'd do that for a few days and then I'd forget about it as life would get in the way... 

...but I'd then notice my tic again a few weeks or months later... and I'd do the same thing. The cycle continues. I wasn't CONSISTENT with my healing journey.

Which brings us to lesson no.1 - consistency. A little goes a long way. A HELLA long way! 

Just 5-10 minutes a day doing the practices I assign you can change your life. 

They've changed mine. 

The MTM Method to Stop Tics

My system to help you Fix your Motor Tic or Tourettes uses a range of Mind/Body/Spirit healing techniques grounded in Western Psychology and Eastern Medicine. 

My system for healing is a holistic and natural approach that I've created based on years worth of research into the condition, and without taking pills.

It's called the 'MTM Method', and in this system, I teach you 7 powerful healing tools that have been around aeons.


Each tool supports a unique aspect of healing and stopping Tics or Tourettes. 

Week 1

We begin with a very specific breathing technique that was introduced to me by Dr Joe Dispenza that essentially switches your nervous system into a state of rest and repair, instead of the cortisol fuelled fight and flight mode of stress, and so we spend the first week associating this breathing technique with your Tic so that we more often bring our body into balance, with less stress and less anxiety.

Week 2

In week 2 I introduce you to Mind Still where we begin our mindfulness meditation journey together. Meditation is proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, and promote emotional health. Frankly, it’s the most powerful tool in my arsenal when done right. I teach you to do it right. We must learn to stop the self-destructive anxious stories that play out in our unconscious (and sometimes conscious) mind if we want to stop the tic, and we do that by learning how to quiet your thoughts.

Week 3 

So in week 3, I share with you a tool inspired by TRE (trauma release exercises) which was created by Dr David Berceli. Now, this technique combats the obsessive controlling nature of our mind. You’ll notice that when you tic, your mind is still trying to hold some of it back because of fear of ridicule. We give your body the opportunity to let go, shake and move without the fear or embarrassment of being seen. This is super powerful.

Week 4

Week 4, I introduce you to a very specific series of Yoga positions in a practice that focusses on the head/throat/neck area of your body (Visuddha). This is a practice I’ve designed especially for adults and teenagers with tics and Tourettes because if we tic, we usually hold tightness in this area of our body. We must move this energy and loosen the muscles and ligaments around this space. Yoga has so many benefits, but it especially helps with the pain and tiredness whilst offering our body room to breathe.

Week 5

We review your eating habits and start taking action steps towards reducing foods that are known to affect your nervous system.  

Week 6

I introduce you to a loving attention self-massage technique. If you are anything like me, I used to get so frustrated with my tic. I judged and got annoyed with myself over and over again thousands of times a day. And so every time I did this I was programming into those parts of my body, negativity! We need to begin reprogramming those stories, and it’s through lovingly massaging the parts of our body that tic we begin to do just that.

Week 7

And finally, but definitely not least. I teach you how to activate your voice once more! Learning some basic humming and singing techniques helps our psyche to fight the fear of being seen again. If we have tics, we’ve likely been shamed and judged and looked at again and again for years and so our self-confidence is usually quite low (knowingly or unknowingly). So, by practising simple singing exercises at home, you regain confidence in your voice and you’ll feel less anxious in front of other people, and thus you tic less. It’s hard for me to describe the benefit of this simple practice but it really is profound.

Week 8

We continue to weave the techniques into your daily life and create a plan for moving forward beyond the program. I'm on hand at all stages of your journey!



Individually, these tools may not stop the tic. But collectively they naturally work out the very specific issues those of us with Tics or Tourettes can have; the embarrassment, pain, frustration/lack of control, social anxiety, chronic tiredness etc. 

These tools have healed me and they could you, too. This is the stuff that works, and it's backed by science. I've simply pulled it together into a simple system for people like me, who have this condition. 

Heal the root, not the symptom

Ultimately, a Motor Tic is a symptom. It's not the issue itself (although it feels like it). Your body is reacting uncontrollably because of something else in your psyche, and by slowing down our mind and body and connecting to our heart, we can become aware of what it is that's causing us the discomfort in our life... these tools do just that!

One on One or Online Course - Let's get Started!

I teach the MTM method of healing via one on one Zoom video calls, or via my prerecorded online course that you can access privately, at home. 

If you're interested in working with me one on one, fill in this short assessment and I'll get back to you if I think I can support you.

Alternatively, join the online video program How to Stop Tics - the 7 Tools for Success if you want to get going at home, privately, via your smartphone, laptop or computer today!

I look forward to helping you Stop your Tic once and for all. It is not a 'lifetime condition', I'm living proof of this. You can stop it. 

I look forward to connecting with you. 


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