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Stop Tics Online Program via Zoom (MTM Method for Adults - 6 weeks)

Jul 30, 2022

I'm so very excited to share with you my new program, offered via zoom. 

This is the most proficient, efficient and transformational way to move beyond the consistent and addictive nature of Motor Tics in Adults. 

It's been over 3 years since I started sharing the tools and techniques that changed my life. 

I've worked with hundreds of you 1 on 1 via zoom, and thousands have been through my online pre-recorded video programs. 

Whilst I've already been working with many of you via zoom, this is the first time I've decided to pull everything together into a cohesive package. So, now you have the opportunity of receiving very bespoke direction, guidance and support via zoom in order to stop ticking (alongside the pre-recorded program, that comes bundled with it.)

During the 6 weeks of the Stop Tics Online Program via Zoom we will practice together:

  • Interruption of the Tic (resetting deep core pattering in your mind and body, often held as...
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Emotional Intelligence and Tics (and further reading)

Oct 05, 2020

I regularly talk about the importance of emotional intelligence in the context of Tics & Tourettes.

But what is the connection? I mean, my body is moving and twitching and I can't seem to stop it, but what on earth do my emotions have to do with it? And am I frustrated because of the tic? Or do the emotions make me tic?

I never even considered that my emotions would have anything to do with my ticcing back in the day when it ran rampant through my body. 

But the more I became connected to my own body, and the feelings it allowed me to discover (emotions), then I discovered how intimate my emotions were to the movements my body were doing by itself. 

Right now it is unlikely you're connected to or aware of the inside of the right knee.

Not until I've mentioned it to you. Now you're thinking about your knee. The front of your knee. The back of the knee. The sides of your knee. My words are encouraging you to move your awareness to this area of your...

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Join My Tics Masterclass for Free!

Aug 10, 2020

UPDATE: I'm not currently offering this Masterclass. Although the Telegram group is still available with the link below to meet others.

We're living through some intense times, and our Tic might be responding...

For some of us - the tic is a minor nuisance that occasionally bubbles to the surface... but then we ignore it and get back on with our life. For others, the condition can be so debilitating that it causes us to spiral out of control - we'd do just about anything just to make it stop!

I was somewhere in the middle of this spectrum, but ultimately I've learned to stop my tic and I now teach others how to heal themselves with mindful and emotional wellness techniques.

It's been a journey - and so rewarding to support hundreds of you who have been through the MTM Method Online Program for adults, What I Wish My Parent's Knew Mini-Course, and my one on one sessions.


Something *new* has been in the works.

And I'm really confident many of you will love it!

From this...

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Tics, Tourettes and Depression

Jan 22, 2020

A student of mine recently completed the MTM Method Online Course and dropped me an email with some feedback. 

Check it out,

"Hi Dazz

First of all best wishes for Christmas and the new year.

I have completed your course now and I would like to express my gratitude for your honesty and advice. It is an invaluable source of support for people with this awful condition.

I hit a real low point in October. Since then I have tried a number of things including your course and I think I am the best I have been in years. Although I think in the last week I've probably gone backwards ever so slightly.

I expect feedback on the course is probably worthwhile, so mine is as follows. I find the breathing exercises, meditation and dazzarobics (yoga) to be helpful.

Based upon my experience, going back before the course, I haven’t noticed dietary changes to make any difference.

However, I think happiness (and depression) and hope makes a big difference to the condition. If I could find a...

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A Tourette's Program That Works

Jan 19, 2020

I was recently asked if this program for Tics and Tourettes *really* does work?

This is the email I received,

"My burning question is that as you may well be aware and if you are or was a genuine sufferer of Tourette’s then does your program really work? If so how can you prove this to me without it costing me $97 under your special offer, I have spent my whole life searching and looking for answers, having treatments and talking to specialists, nothing and I mean nothing works and I refuse to take the dopermine drug, one of many types of tic controllers that put my well being at risk, so what is it that you do that works and if it is as successful as you claim why are you not running your program through private clinics or even the NHS. Please answer as honestly as possible."


I really appreciated the honesty of this email and so I replied candidly, with as much openness as I could:


"Thanks for your honest email, and I hope to do the same here.
I had a Chronic...
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[Reserve Your Spot] Free Online Training for Stopping Tics & Tourettes

Jan 09, 2020

I had these tics for over 20 years, and it took me 5 years or so to become 99% healed.

I don't expect it to take YOU that long to let go of the condition, especially if you haven't been ticcing for as long as I have... AND because you have a coach & mentor to help you succeed... (me!)

I started Motor Tic Mastery just over a year ago, and over the last year, I've created a system of healing to Stop Tics & Tourettes (it's called the MTM Method) that uses modern mental and emotional healing methodologies grounded in psychology and eastern medicine. 

So- are you ready to stop the tic? slow down the tic? reduce the number of times that you tic? how about calm the tic or get rid of it FOREVER?!

I've created this short training for you to understand the inner workings of your psyche so that you can better get to grip with WHY you're ticcing and how it erupts in your body.  

It'll give you a fresh perspective on this very intimate condition, and help you...

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Why do my Tics disappear when I'm on stage or playing an instrument?

Sep 15, 2019

I've heard numerous reports of Adults and Teenagers expressing how their tics completely disappear when they're:

  • playing a musical instrument
  • on stage singing
  • when performing in front of the camera 
  • doing their hobby or a sport and what they love

For Example,

So why is this?

There are 2 concepts I'd like to introduce you too, the 'flow state' and 'attention'.

Flow State & Tics

Firstly, because when we're doing what we love and we're present with a task in hand, the mind doesn't have space to 'get in the way'. We are totally absorbed at the moment with the thing that we love and the mind or body doesn't need to express itself through a Tic.

On Wikipedia, Flow is described as:

"In positive psychology, a flow state, also known colloquially as being in the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity....

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Learn How to Stop the Tic - Join the MTM Facebook Group

Jun 21, 2019

Hey guys - I’m Dazz,

Welcome to Motor Tic Mastery! SO, I really appreciate that you've found my site!

I had a Motor Tic for 20 years of my life- ticcing thousands of times a day all the way down the right side of my body... neck, shoulder, arm, hands etc. 

And now I've healed myself using natural and holistic methods... over the last few years.

If you've found this page, then you probably have a Tic or Twitch or even Tourette's (which the Dr's say is both a motor and a vocal tic). 

I figured out how to heal my tic by myself but it took a long time and it was a very lonely and embarrassing journey.

I've decided to make it easier for those of you who have this condition by offering support, knowledge, and guidance in letting go of this condition.

There are specific tools, techniques and practices I've used to help me stop the tics and I share them in via my YouTube channel, Private Facebook Mastermind Group and my Online Course.

The Facebook Group is great...

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Learning the Art of Embodiment for Motor & Vocal Tics

Jun 20, 2019

I was so frustrated with my Motor Tic that I had unconsciously distanced myself from it. 

I used to think of the Motor Tic has something other than myself. It was something OUTSIDE of me to fix by putting a lid on it, or holding it in with some glue.

I was angry at it. Pissed off at it. 

But I've learned this is FAR the wrong approach. 

It wasn't until I started to fully embody the part of myself that was uncomfortable - the tic itself - that I started to actually quell the tic! 

This concept of mind is central to my teachings - we have to reconfigure our perspective on the Motor Tic and see it as part of ourselves. 

In other words, fully embody who we are. 

Embodiment is the art or act of being IN THE BODY.

For many of us, being in the body is pretty alien. 

We spend much of our time running in circles in our mind with a non-stop stream of ideas, thoughts, judgements, actions to do, and things to worry about... you get the idea. 


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Massage Fascia Tissue to Fix your Nervous Tic in Adults

Jun 08, 2019

"Science now tells us that literally when you have a negative experience [in life].. a negative emotional experience.. certain neurochemicals are created in your body and your stress increases... and your body has an option... it can choose to process the stress and clean it out... or if you don't have the opportunity of doing this... because your nervous system isn't in a state to allow it to let go of the stress it has now experienced... it stores it inside the body.. specifically in the fascia tissue of your body... this is the tissue that surrounds your organs.. the tissue that connects everything.. and the stress and trauma are literally stored and tightened and crystalized in here... like little memory structures are hardened around your body... your body is tightened up.. and this is one of the reasons why yoga is so good for untightening this stuff. 

And so the trauma is literally stored in pockets all over your body...and it's literally stored all over the...

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